Teach, Learn and Explore Life Sciences

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With a hands-on, student-oriented focus, BioBuilder has found a way to take STEM education to new and exciting heights.

Created by an award-winning team at MIT, BioBuilder offers a wide range of open source, free curricula to provide hands-on experiences that foster exploration, innovation, and interest in emerging areas of science.

By integrating engineering with life sciences curricula, student learning is taken to a new level through hands-on classroom projects, afterschool clubs, and summer internships that delve into problem-solving work in the areas of biology, health, medicine, and the environment. Student inquiry is encouraged while lessons create a path to future study and fruitful careers.

For science educators, emerging technologies are explored with a goal to change the paradigm of existing teaching practice. To date, hundreds of faculty — from middle school to high school to higher education — have taken part in professional development workshops that empower the delivery of timely, research-driven lessons in biological engineering and synthetic biology.

All of the BioBuilder offerings —from its downloadable textbook to lab kits to professional development — serve to enhance existing science curricula while promoting practical problem solving at the classroom level. Whatever the lesson, BioBuilder presents teachers and students with current issues that capture their curiosity and attention, from health and hunger to climate change and cancer treatment. Today’s students will be tomorrow’s scientists, and BioBuilder proves that learning by doing works with a goal to inspire future leaders for the field.