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Head of Advancement at BioBuilder

A senior development and ambassador position that requires raising of funds to cover salary

BioBuilder Ambassador Program

In addition to students and teachers who are leading classroom experiences and after-school clubs, BioBuilder is a community of teacher-leaders who foster the growth and development of our program. Small stipends are often available for work that leads to persistent content and for BioBuilder Ambassadors who speak at public meetings. Interested? Contact us at

Volunteer opportunities include:


Students and teachers can be liaisons to the community, colleagues and friends and help us spread the word about BioBuilder’s program in schools, at professional meetings, and in their hometowns.


Our foreign partners can bring our content into the world by translations of the web, textbook, or manual content.

Local Experts/Mentors

Folks with content knowledge can help students and teachers in their community by dedicating time to evaluate project ideas, source materials, and connect new BioBuilders to materials they need.


Articles, blog posts, social media, swag — you name it, we need it!