The competition between these two genetic designs may seem too close to call, but only one system can be the best banana-smelling bacteria

Eau That Smell comic strip

This genetic device needs a tune up. Find the right combination of promoter and ribosome binding site parts to improve the output

iTunes Device comic strip

Trying to compare promoter strengths? There’s an app for that!

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Always wondered how to clone a gene? Enter here

cloning a gene comic strip

Ready to BioBrick a part? Refine a gene or two, and then add them to a registry

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Say cheese. But it’s not digital photography. It’s bacterial photography. Learn how to model this synthetic system with a CAD tool and electronic components


Location, location, location. Here’s an experiment that lets one genetic program rip in different chassis

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Want to change the world? Consider the promise and the perils of redesigning living systems

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Bacterial balloons and viral chocolate plants–who knows what Dude will dream up next. What synthetic living systems can you imagine?


Engineering reliability into an unstable genetic system may or may not make it a robust and profitable food source

Engineering Golden Bread