I think one of the greatest things about the PhD is several years to focus on one specific project. "

Chris Kuffner is a PhD candidate in biomedical engineering at Boston University

We caught up with BioBuilder alum, Chris Kuffner, on February 18th 2022 to learn more about his work focusing on protein degradation. He puts his energy into tools – making them easier to work with and more accessible for all.

His most recent work involves creating a system to observe how RNA moves depending on what the cell is making with that RNA.

Being involved with the BioBuilderClub at Acton Boxborough High School sparked his passion for synthetic biology and bioengineering. Chris focused some of that passion on building essential lab equipment from component parts and scraps.

He is currently in his PhD program in the Ngo lab at Boston University, and will continue working towards creating tools and systems that help the science community.