Meet BioBuilder Christine Rodriguez

I get to think about things I found interesting ever since college and at the same time to share that inspiration with other peopleā€

Christine Rodriguez

Dr. Christine Rodriguez is a Professor of the Practice in the Biology Department at Fairfield University

In our conversation on May 11th, 2021, Christine talked about her students, who are mostly nurses in training and very focused on patient care, and how her microbiology class gives them an awareness of how microbes can both make people sick and keep people healthy. Her class combines teaching at the lab bench and in the classroom, drawing on her own background in research and her interests in genetics.

Christine became attracted to scientific research when a college professor pointed out how much was still unknown about RNA processing, leading Christine to a PhD at Harvard to study that very topic. She creatively pursued teaching experiences while engaged in research and throughout her career, helping out in an AP bio high school class and teaching Genetics at Harvard. These experiences helped her sort out what kinds of work she liked best. Christine has continued to expand her teaching skills, integrating BioBuilder into a college class for non-majors in ways that help them understand and appreciate biology and gets them excited about what can be done with it.