Meet BioBuilder Frederic Vigneault

If you want to become a scientist, do science."

Frederic Vigneault

Dr. Frederic Vigneault is a staff scientist at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering in Boston


In our conversation on March 4th 2021, we talk about Frederic’s current work that deploys molecular tools and computational approaches to find drugs for treating rare diseases like Rett Syndrome. Rather than screen compounds in cell culture or in mice, he uses tadpoles as his model system.

Frederic’s career path has taken him from Canada where he did his PhD in plant biotech to the SRI International, a nonprofit research institute, for his post-doc and into the interdisciplinary work at the Wyss. His time spent working with George Church as well as mentoring young scientists have convinced him to work in ways that push the limits of what’s possible.