We all work together every single day. And so for me, it's having teammates that I trust and we're all a hundred percent open and honest and transparent with one another, because we all succeed or we all fail."

Jacqueline Fidanza is Vice President of Operations at Twist Bioscience. She has 20+ years of experience.

In our conversation with Jacqueline Fidanza on December 8th 2021, we learned about her role as VP of Operations for Twist Bioscience. Twist is a company that uses “DNA writing” machines to make DNA in every format imaginable. She was an early employee of the company and has seen the application space for their products grow and become a disruptive technology.

Jacqueline’s job allows her to interact with everyone in the company. In addition to overseeing DNA manufacturing she is also overseeing the supply chain, the warehouse team, the order fulfillment team, and the quality assurance and quality control teams. She has recently added an operational excellence team to further improve operations.

How does she keep it all straight? She touches base with all her teams at an 8-9AM morning meeting everyday. She says the key to her role is having a team of experts you trust to help solve the problems. She has seen that transparency and open communication are critical to building a close team that works well in a fast-paced environment.