Meet BioBuilder Jorge Sanchez-Salazar

you can probably do anything anyone asks of you as long as you're engaged in it."

Jorge Sanchez-Salazar

Jorge Sanchez-Salazar manages the Exosome Production Core at Codiak BioSciences. He spent decades as a senior associate scientist at Biogen and a lifetime mentoring young scientists. 

On December 9th, 2020, we had a conversation about the novel exosome technology that Codiak BioSciences is developing, what he finds satisfying from a job in industry, and how careers like his are becoming available outside of the traditional biotech hub cities. Jorge also described his indirect path to science, from his days as a student at UC Berkeley to his good fortune in having a professor at Duquesne invite Jorge to become a researcher in his lab. As the first-generation in his family to go to college, Jorge has a longstanding commitment to mentoring others, helping current students, including those in BioBuilder’s High School Apprenticeship, know about the vast opportunities he sees in science and engineering.