Meet BioBuilder Racquel Kim Sherwood

just because there's no one around you that looks like you or just because it sounds like it's hard doesn't mean that you shouldn't try.”

Dr. Racquel Kim Sherwood

A Life Science Specialist at Avantor’s VWR, Dr. Racquel “Kim” Sherwood has always been interested in the sciences. She did a PhD in molecular biology at Brown University in understanding the life cycle of the fungi Candida lusitaniae.

On October 2, 2020, we had a discussion about Dr. Sherwood’s education experiences leading to her job in industry at VWR. She recalls a memorable secondary school teacher who aided her in getting a summer experience at UConn where she was first exposed to real scientists which inspired her to pursue her education in biology. She encourages students who may feel unequipped to never doubt their capacity and not to fear asking questions.