I think that one big thing that I taught myself and tried to stick to is that it's okay to be scared. It's okay to feel like you don't know everything, you're never going to know everything. So just take a chance, take a leap of faith."

Sarah Elkondakly

Sarah is a former BioBuilder Apprentice who went on to intern at LabCentral. She is now a first-gen undergrad at Brandeis University double majoring in English and Psychology.

In our conversation on September 22nd 2021, we talked about Sarah’s journey in discovering her true interests. Sarah initially found an interest in science after taking an anatomy & physiology class at Medford High School. That interest prompted her to dive deeper into science, and to discover BioBuilder. After her BioBuilder program finished, she interned at LabCentral in Kendall Square.

During her internship, Sarah’s initial challenge was to overcome her fear of trying something new. After a successful internship, she decided to attend Brandeis University and is in her junior year. Although her schedule is packed, she loves pursuing her varied interests and is involved with a youth program and another internship, along with her studies. She reflects on the impact BioBuilder had in her path to discovering new things.