Meet BioBuilder Sarah Seaton

We now have tens of thousands of microbes housed in our freezers because, as you can imagine, for every one product that launches, thousands of microbes have to be tested and validated. So yeah, I have the coolest job. I think of it as essentially running a Microbe Library here at Indigo."

Sarah Seaton

Dr. Sarah Seaton is a senior scientist at Indigo Ag where she leads a microbe hunting team

In our conversation recorded April 8th, 2021, Sarah Seaton talked about her work building a Microbe Library for the Boston-based agricultural biotech company, Indigo Ag. By looking at the natural microbiome of plants, her group finds symbiotic micro-organisms that can provide an advantage to plants struggling under stressful conditions.
Our conversation touched on other projects, including her PhD research at the University of Georgia, which also focused on harnessing the power of microbes to solve different challenges in with world. Sarah talked about how her time being mentored as an undergrad and grad student provided a model for the kind of mentoring she now gives others, including a high school BioBuilder student who worked as a summer intern with her at Indigo.