It's not sitting in an office and having people come give you reports. You're out doing stuff, working with people, finding the biggest problems, making sure people are focused on what we want to be focused on and inspiring people. That's a lot of my job"

Stephen is CEO and President of Teknova. Teknova is a leading provider of cell culture, media, molecular biology reagents, agar plates for the discovery development and commercialization of therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics

In our conversation on Oct. 28th, 2021, we spoke with Stephen Gunstream about his career path and current role as President and CEO of Teknova.

Stephen found his way to engineering because of his love of math and creative problem solving. Stephen has held many roles at various life science companies and has gained experience that helps him to be an inspirational leader, who cares about the business but also the people and culture within Teknova.

Stephen shares how much of his role as a CEO is spent working with people, developing the team and empowering employees to be their best.