BioBuilder Foundation

Transforming STEM Education

BioBuilder is a US-based nonprofit organization established in 2011 that currently offers access to its content and programs around the world and has an active domestic and international community of teachers and students. We aim to increase interest, understanding and engagement STEM fields by transforming cutting-edge research projects in bioengineering into teachable modules that students and teachers can investigate together.

We take a comprehensive approach to the emerging field of synthetic biology, providing exceptional programming available for students and educators alike. For students, there is the chance to integrate biology and engineering through practical, hands-on lessons and club activities. For educators, there is the vital opportunity for relevant professional development that fosters new methods of teaching designed to engage and inspire the young scientists in their classrooms.

This is now our fourth year that we are running a synthetic biology class and the fourth year that we use BioBuilder as our main curriculum for the class. We are huge fans of what BioBuilder has done to help our students learn synthetic biology…. Thanks for giving us a platform to do real research in high school!
Jude C. Taipei American School
The BioBuilder High School Apprenticeship Challenge gave me a chance to expand my knowledge of biochemistry beyond the classroom. I learned how to work in the lab and how to behave in a professional environment. I developed a new perspective on bioengineering and I felt more confident in my ability to create scientific solutions to real world problems
Tara P. Student

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