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Systems Sally5 days ago
One of several online offering we now have through #BioBuilder. Wondering if we can bring our unique approach to #synbio education to online learning? #YesWeCan
Systems Sally5 days ago
Led by members of the BioBuilder team, Expedition: Bio discussed bioethics (using woolly mammoths as an example) and the steps of the engineering process as they move forward on their group projects! @SystemsSally
Systems Sally3 weeks ago
So excited to see our #BIoBuilder students taking their ideas to the next level. Congrats to @AHSbiotech as well!
Systems Sally4 weeks ago
With design challenges that help students explore new career paths, @SystemsSally leverage interest in health, medicine, and the environment -- #education #edtech
Systems Sally1 month ago
Created by an award-winning team at MIT, @SystemsSally (BioBuilder) is offering new ways to tech, learn, and explore cutting-edge science and engineering. -- #biotech
Systems Sally1 month ago
#BioBuilder is the Tech Spotlight from @NewsWatchTV today. Check out
Systems Sally1 month ago
Thank you @NewsWatchTV for the great profile of our #BioBuilder programs!