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Systems Sally12 hours ago
Here's the first of three beautiful success stories described in #BioBuilder Feb. blog post: Increasing interest in #STEM careers.
Systems Sally2 days ago
"I just want to encourage people to explore, that by being curious, the world is a very interesting place." Thank you #synbio #postdoc and #BioBuilder Cheryl @NebEngineering for this week's Career Conversation!
Systems Sally3 days ago
Hands to work! 🧪 @SystemsSally offers an online platform where bioengineering projects can be developed! A great tool to inspire interest in #STEM! Don't miss it! ➡️
Systems Sally7 days ago
100 downloads of "Life-changing Science: The BioBuilder podcast" wohoo!! Such a pleasure to be hosting this podcast. Here's another wonderful episode with @KatieMingHart . Enjoy! 🙂
Systems Sally1 week ago
Had a blast chatting with @ZeeshanZman about teaching synthetic biology with BioBuilder. Great conversations with @krening and @juliequart of @Aminobiolab in this series, too! #biobuilder #synbio
Systems Sally1 week ago
#BioBuilder is celebrating 100 downloads of "Life-Changing Science: The BioBuilder Podcast" by posting the next one! Check out the incomparable @KatieMingHart from @WilliamsCollege and co-author of @OReillyMedia #synbio textbook
Systems Sally1 week ago
Unique and exciting lab instructor position available for an advanced undergrad lab course that introduces BE students to the theory and practice of cutting-edge biological measurement and modeling techniques Job no. 19216