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Systems Sally2 hours ago
Want to learn more about becoming a #BioBuilder Teacher? Join our Info Session on 05/20 at 4:00PM EDT - #teachertraining #professionaldevelopment #highschoolbiology #synbio #engineeringmindset
Systems Sally2 hours ago
Last #BioBuilder Idea Accelerator Showcase of the school year today! MANY thanks to all the #synbio superstars who engaged with these #STEM world-changers. Our career conversations are open to all -- #awesome @JusticeToshiba @UTEP is just posted
Systems Sally21 hours ago
When @reshmapshetty, @bcanton, Austin & @tomknightsynbio and I first met at MIT 20 years ago, we were fascinated by the promise of synthetic biology. We started @Ginkgo to make biology easier to engineer. It's been a joy to build this with people I...
Systems Sally23 hours ago
@KCS_DBHS is mentioned in a report on progressive science education that was written for the White House!!!!!!! Biobuilder is a game changer for biology education. I could not be more thankful to be a part of this initiative.
Systems Sally1 day ago
Thank you @FionaRMischel @SynBioBeta I really enjoyed this conversation and loved reconnecting with my friend @rob_carlson who invariably teaches me something new and important when we talk.
Systems Sally1 day ago
Join us TODAY at 8 am PT for Can We Build It With Biology?? with @SystemsSally, @rob_carlson and @FionaRMischel! We'll be talking about the #bioeconomy. Clubhouse is finally available for Android users in the US. Skip the invite list and join us!
Systems Sally4 days ago
We'll be online 4PM May 20th to answer your questions and preview our workshop. Sign up here to join us: