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Systems Sally2 days ago
@SystemsSally @Ginkgo @NEBiolabs @SynBioBeta Yes, I can invest my time educating the future generation, including K-12 girls & boys, but $ is typically limited for PIs. The fee for @iGEM is too high for many teams (even US teams who contacted me) to attend. My...
Systems Sally3 days ago
We’ve got to move from #synbio investors and companies saying “you go!” to generously saying “$…here you go” @Ginkgo and @NEBiolabs get it. Who’s next? @SynBioBeta
Systems Sally3 days ago
I ask St. Louis to consider #STEM #education. My @iGEM team had zero $ from local companies like @SigmaAldrich #Monsanto @pfizer, @GSK, etc. this year. All emails were ignored to hurt young students. $5500? Too much? @StlArchAngels @STLonAir @BioGeneratorSTL @stltoday @WUSTL
Systems Sally1 week ago
Congrats to Rebekah R. for her award from the Massachusetts Tech Education/Engineering Collaborative...and pssst: you can still sign up for her #BioBuilder workshop in July and August! @mass_tec @TyngHighPrin @NABT_News @NSTA
Systems Sally2 weeks ago
We're ready for ya!
Systems Sally2 weeks ago
Teachers: Time is running out to register for #BioBuilder Essentials Training. Sign up for Session 1 closes June 16th #teachertraining #synbio
Systems Sally2 weeks ago
What an inspiring kickoff @petribio #WaveSummit. Honored that #BioBuilder will receive such generous support to train next generation of #synbio innovators @Ginkgo