There are a lot of kids in the low income community that don’t have the opportunities that I did. I want to be a voice through not only my teaching but also the opportunities that I can offer them.”

Angela Girodier

Angela Girodier is a senior undergraduate student at Emmanuel College, majoring in biology and secondary education. She is an alumna of the BioBuilder Apprenticeship Program.

In this podcast, she describes how a science scavenger hunt in 8th grade and a grant proposal she wrote for her high school biotech program put her a path to a science career. These experiences revealed the fun, creative, and useful parts of science, and led her to find a way in. Her high school teacher encouraged her to apply to BioBuilder’s Apprenticeship Program, which she did in 2017.

The BioBuilder Apprenticeship taught her lab math and techniques which she describes as vital to her success in college — especially when she needed to take her lab remotely. She also recalls how the Apprenticeship’s emphasis on teamwork and networking helped her build her resume and make the most of her summer internships at MassBiologics and at Merck. 

Looking ahead, Angela wants to work with kids of diverse backgrounds in low income communities, helping to bring more diversity into the STEM industry.

In November 2021, Angela spoke at BioBuilder’s 10th anniversary celebration and the opening of BioBuilder’s new Learning Lab in Boston’s Seaport. A video of  her inspirational talk is linked here