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The need for STEM education in today’s educational settings is as great as the need to support its ongoing growth.

To that end, BioBuilder takes a comprehensive approach to the emerging field of synthetic biology, providing exceptional programming available for students and educators alike. For students, there is the chance to integrate biology and engineering through practical, hands-on lessons and club activities. For educators, there is the vital opportunity for relevant professional development that fosters new methods of teaching designed to engage and inspire the young scientists in their classrooms.

This is now our fourth year that we are running a synthetic biology class and the fourth year that we use BioBuilder as our main curriculum for the class. We are huge fans of what BioBuilder has done to help our students learn synthetic biology…. Thanks for giving us a platform to do real research in high school!”
Jude C. Clapper, Director of Scientific Research, M.C. Escher Chair of Scientific Research Taipei American School
The BioBuilder High School Apprenticeship Challenge gave me a chance to expand my knowledge of biochemistry beyond the classroom. I learned how to work in the lab and how to behave in a professional environment. I developed a new perspective on bioengineering and I felt more confident in my ability to create scientific solutions to real world problems.
Tara Peterson Melrose High School, Massachusetts

With our work expanding in classrooms across 43 states and 30 countries, the BioBuilder Educational Foundation seeks resources to continue this exciting trajectory of growth.

Let’s build on this momentum

Your support promotes the expansion of this unique programming:


Young innovators and inventors in high schools around the United States combine engineering approaches and scientific know-how to design, build, and test their own project ideas.

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BioBuilder Apprenticeships

An eight-week lab-readiness program to prepare high school students for paid summer internships in Boston and Cambridge.

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Professional Development Workshops

Three-day workshops that combine classroom, laboratory, and design activities that prepare science educators to bring engineering into classrooms, labs, or science clubs.

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Scholarship Fund and Capacity Building

Supports the ability for BioBuilder to provide its curricula free of charge, to develop new curricula and lab opportunities, and to expand its outreach and support of STEM teachers in the U.S. and around the world.

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Learning Lab

Located in the heart of Kendall Square, the fully equipped, state-of-the-art Learning Lab provides a year-round home for BioBuilder’s expanding work. With three full-time instructors and support staff, the Learning Lab fosters a welcoming, entrepreneurial environment for students, teachers, and community members.

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We are a diverse group of professionals who remember that learning new things can inspire both hard work and excitement. Drawing on our personal experiences and professional networks, we are getting fresh content into the hands of teachers, engaging students as problem solvers in the process.


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Our partners make a world of difference. Their support keeps BioBuilder innovating and growing. Donations and partnerships expand our scope, scale and pace. Together we’re transforming education.