What We Offer

New and Creative Curriculum that Teaches World-Class Life Science Engineering

What we offer


Use biology to solve today’s most pressing problems

What we offer


Engage your students as problem solvers

What we offer

Industry Professionals

Effectively train your region’s future workforce

BioBuilder brings tomorrow's science into today's classrooms, giving students a leg up and a way into college and career

BioBuilder is dedicated to helping students

  • access tools and programs that unlock their potential as life science innovators
  • acquire skills to be able to build with biology, and
  • invent/imagine ways synthetic biology can make the world better.

Pricing and Plans

The BioBuilder Educational Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit committed to access and equity. We do our best to make sure money is not a barrier to participation.

Creative Commons License for BioBuilder Materials

THE FINE PRINT: The BioBuilder Educational Foundation aims to support teachers and students who want to use our curriculum in labs and classrooms around the world. To this end, we provide access to our curricular materials and resources under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Unported License. This license specifies that all users attribute the materials to BioBuilder and use them in non-commercial efforts. By downloading BioBuilder’s resources and/or files that have been made available to you from a workshop and/or directly from the BioBuilder website, you agree to these terms.

Should you be interested in using BioBuilder materials for fee-based activities, please contact us at info@biobuilder.org. There is a formal process through which we support such partnerships and work with programs and individuals who seek to use BioBuilder materials for a fee.