“The experience designing the (first) BioBuilder website built up so much confidence. I did not know I could have such an art-forward career while being immersed in a scientific environment."


Jenny Nemlekar is an accessories entrepreneur with 14 years of direct to consumer digital sales and marketing experience. She currently runs an independent luxury handbags business. Jenny completed her undergrad in bioengineering at UT Austin and after a very successful gig with the MIT iGEM team in 2005, she went on to freelance designing, with early experiences making logos for OpenWetWare, BioBricks Foundation and Ginkgo Bioworks. And, of course, BioBuilder.

Jenny designed BioBuilder’s first website, helped select the domain name, and recently created custom bags for the opening of BioBuilder’s new Learning Lab in Boston’s Seaport, using tarps that were orginally designed and created by BioBuilder’s graphic artist, Karen Ingram.