Meet Lindsey L'Ecuyer

I’m just so proud of these science-minded kids who are learning to be ok with not having one right answer every step of the way.”

Lindsey L'Ecuyer
Lindsey BBC

Lindsey L’Ecuyer is an award winning biotechnology teacher at Andover high school in Boston. She has been empowering students to become independent learners for over 13 years. She is also a BioBuilder ambassador and as part of her BioBuilder club, Lindsey’s students have appeared on local news stations, published in the journal BioTreks, and were finalists in the international Spellman High Voltage CleanTech competition in New York City for their work on using engineered cells to break down plastic in the ocean. Lindsey recently began a Doctorate program in education where she plans to develop research-based pedagogy that provides special education students with more opportunities for mastery, creativity, and self-identity in biotechnology.