Meet Prof. Meghdad (Amin) Hajimorad

It's gotten me down a path of trying to do more and to try to just be a better educator.

Amin Hajimorad
amin_photo for podcast

Amin is an electrical engineer who earned his B.S. degree from Iowa State University, Ames, and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Amin is currently an associate professor at California State University at Chico.

He first got involved with BioBuilder back in 2010 as part of the NSF ERC called SynBERC, Then he worked on developing lab content and synthetic biology workshops for undergraduate students from Texas A&M Prairie View. In this episode of Life-Changing Science, Zeeshan and Amin talk about the influence of BioBuilder on his past and present teaching of computer science, and how the BioBuilder curriculum can be adapted to work in different ways for the different students.