We told the people at Synbiobeta: Imagine if you knew what you know now as a 14 year old. What could you have accomplished that you didn't get to start until now?

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Imagine transforming high school biology education by integrating synthetic biology into the curriculum, igniting students’ passion for learning and preparing them for future success. How do you make this possible? This BioBuilder podcast focuses on two extraordinary biology teachers, Amanda Blackburn and Evie LaFollette, who share their inspiring journey of bringing synthetic biology to Dobyns Bennett High School in Tennessee.

Amanda and Evie discuss their BioBuilder training experience in Boston where they discovered this synbio curriculum and its incredible opportunities for their students. From developing unique passions to exploring groundbreaking fields like organism engineering, this episode explores how the BioBuilder curriculum prepares students for AP Capstone research, teaching them independence and essential life skills. We also delve into the exciting evolution of genetic engineering, from Gregor Mendel’s discoveries to today’s synthetic biology advancements.

In this captivating conversation, Amanda and Evie share how the BioBuilder curriculum fosters resilience and critical thinking in their students. Learn how they encourage students with diverse learning abilities to pursue their interests, develop their projects, and adapt to unexpected changes. Discover the cutting-edge technology they use, such as CRISPR, to better understand the engineering process and position their students for future achievements. This episode is a must-listen for anyone passionate about education and unlocking the potential of the next generation.