Meet BioBuilder Eryney Marrogi

It can be really easy I think to chase prestige and very easy to chase very attractive options that don't really fit well with your story, and the sooner you can get over that desire to want that sort of stuff, I think the easier it becomes to be really happy with what you're doing.””

Eryney Marrogi

After doing mosquito engineering research out of the Harvard Medical School, Eryney Marrogi joined Dyno Therapeutics as a research associate. He is investigating new ways to use machine learning to design adeno-associated viruses for gene therapies. Inspired by his own experiences, he enjoys being part of a community like BioBuilder that encourages young students to be creative and think abstractly.

On November 10, 2020, we had a conversation where Eryney talks about his work at Dyno Teraputics where he helps design viruses for gene therapies. Our conversation touches on what it was like joining the company while it was a small start-up and having to take on many different roles. We also discuss his education career starting from high school when he got involved in annual science fairs, to undergrad when he participated in research, to where he is now in industry. Eryney offers the advice for students finding their paths to take the opportunities that could guide them most to be the best version of who they want to be.