The BioBuilder students of today are the innovative scientists, engineers, and skilled workforce of tomorrow

BioBuilder has reimagined science and engineering education, and brought life-changing curriculum and programs to teachers and students around the world.

Our Learning Lab workshops and programs make BioBuilder’s advanced science experiences and hands-on education accessible for traditionally underserved populations.

Our Learning Lab Workshops bring the modern mindset needed to advance the life sciences and bioeconomy

BioBuilder develops and runs programs in two industry-based Learning Labs.

These professionally equipped teaching labs with flexible classroom spaces are open to students, teachers, professionals, and the local communities.


The 21st century will be the century of biology. To deliver on its promise, we need passionate, responsible, well-trained groups of people.

Thank you, BioBuilder, for making biology cool and bringing so many people into synthetic biology at an early age.

— Barry Canton, co-founder Ginkgo BioWorks


Visit the Learning Lab @Ginkgo

Powered by Ginkgo Bioworks, this Learning Lab is in Boston’s Seaport District. A fully equipped bioengineering lab and teaching space provides a welcoming environment for hands-on engagement with BioBuilder’s programming and workforce training.

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Visit the Learning Lab @LabCentral

Powered by New England Biolabs, this Learning Lab @LabCentral offers ongoing BioBuilder programming workshops where middle and high school teachers and students convene for hands-on science.

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