Our Impact

BioBuilder taps into the potential of high school students and their teachers to be world changers. We do this by teaching them to build with biology. DNA is the programming language for a cell, instructing it to make things that can mitigate climate change, alleviate food insecurity, and produce renewable energy and clean water. BioBuilder’s roots are in the undergraduate major for Biological Engineering at MIT, and was organized as an independent nonprofit in 2011 thanks to support from MIT and the National Science Foundation. We provide openly accessible lessons, hands-on laboratory content, and novel problem-based learning modules. BioBuilder has emerged as a national model for education, making a substantial impact in secondary and post-secondary schools in nearly every state and in 55 countries.

BioBuilder's Podcast

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BioBuilder's Impact Reports

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BioBuilder is dedicated to helping students

  • access tools and programs that unlock their potential as life science innovators
  • acquire skills to be able to build with biology, and
  • invent/imagine ways synthetic biology can make the world better.

Pricing and Plans

The BioBuilder Educational Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit committed to access and equity. We do our best to make sure money is not a barrier to participation.