Programs For Educators

Programs for Educators

Engage your students as problem solvers with BioBuilder's comprehensive curricular materials and flexible programs

Teacher Professional Developement

Open to educators and those seeking continuing education
  • Join our world-wide community of educators who are inspiring their students with an engineering approach to life science
  • Participate from your school with our self-paced online platform and synchronous lab sessions
  • Discounts when multiple teachers from one school enroll

Idea Accelerator

Observe or participate with your class
  • A 3-week online program in which teams of students learn to design biotechnolgies
  • Offered on demand
  • Five (5) hours of asynchronous lectures by Dr. Kuldell, downloadable reference materials, personalized feedback from a BioBuilder Instructor, live office hours, online Project Showcase


Join without obligation for 30 days in October
  • Your students will learn to combine engineering and life science to design, build, and test a biotechnology
  • October - March
  • Running at your school, with online meetups, 10 hours of mentoring from a practicing bioengineer, hands-on lab kits, a textbook, lab reagents, Final Assembly Conference

Visit a Learning Lab

Open to Middle, High School, and College Groups
  • Your students will learn in our state-of-the-art classroom and industry standard lab
  • Workshops are led by BioBuilder's Trained Scientists
  • Workshops are scheduled year round

Career Conversations

Free and accesible to all
  • Interviews with bioengineering students, academics, and industry professionals
  • Science and Career Enrichment
  • Have your students the conversations in real time through the Idea Accelerator Program

BioBuilder has been the coolest thing to happen to me in my career

Lindsey, High School Teacher in Andover, MA

BioBuilder's Podcast

Online; Always Available
  • Raise career awareness by exploring BioBuilder's impact on the careers of our guests
  • Hear from students, educators, and supporters
  • New episodes posted monthly

BioBuilder's Blog

Updates for and from our community
  • Behind the scene photos, quotes, and happenings
  • New post monthly
  • Keep up with the latest opportunities we offer

Open Access Curriculum

Learn at your own pace
  • Learn the principles of synthetic biology
  • Find BioBuilder's textbook chapters, videos, and lab protocols
  • Free

The BioBuilder curriculum takes education where it really should be, student centered and project based

Dave, Professor at Missouri S&T

Custom Workshops

All ages
  • Online or in person
  • Can be from 3 hours to 2 weeks long
  • Offered year round

BioBuilder is dedicated to helping students

  • access tools and programs that unlock their potential as life science innovators
  • acquire skills to be able to build with biology, and
  • invent/imagine ways synthetic biology can make the world better.

Pricing and Plans

The BioBuilder Educational Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit committed to access and equity. We do our best to make sure money is not a barrier to participation.