Programs For Industry Professionals


Volunteer with us

Year round opportunities to participate
  • Share your career path with students through our recorded Career Conversation
  • Remotely mentor a BioBuilderClub team with expertise to advance their biodesign ideas
  • Support hands-on learning in our Learning Lab workshops

Hire an intern

Offer summer work to our trained High School Apprentices
  • Boston-area students with 8 weeks of our pre-professional and lab training
  • Students can work in person or remotely
  • In many cases, student stipends can be provided by state and local agencies

Expand our Certificate Program

Work with students enrolled in high school career training
  • Help students graduate with credentials, college credit, and workplace experience
  • Launch careers by increasing awareness of your work
  • Provide insight to align our curriculum with the most pressing needs of industry

BioBuilder resonated with all the things I care about: impacting the world and doing good on a broad scale

Rebecca, Management Consultant

Request Customized Upskilling Workshops

  • Open to companies seeking continuing education for their workforce
  • Timing and content can be arranged to suit your needs
  • All participants will work in the classroom and laboratory every day

Subscribe to BioBuilder's Podcast

  • Raise career awareness by exploring BioBuilder's impact on the careers of our guests
  • Hear from students, educators, and supporters
  • New episodes posted every few weeks

Read BioBuilder's Blog

  • Behind the scene photos, quotes, and happenings
  • New post monthly
  • Keep up with the latest opportunities we offer

BioBuilder is not just about exposing students (to biotech), but making them excited enough to pursue it as a career

Rebekah, High School Educator in Tyngsborough, MA

BioBuilder is dedicated to helping students

  • access tools and programs that unlock their potential as life science innovators
  • acquire skills to be able to build with biology, and
  • invent/imagine ways synthetic biology can make the world better.

Pricing and Plans

The BioBuilder Educational Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit committed to access and equity. We do our best to make sure money is not a barrier to participation.