Meet BioBuilder Zeke Alvarez Saavedra

I think being a scientist, to me, is one of the best decisions I could have made. It's not just about doing experiments, but about how you think about things and how you approach problems. I think that helped with the company to do things very rationally. It's almost everything I said before, everything is an experiment. After doing grad school, you know that many of them fail and that's fine. Keep pursuing the ones that work."

Zeke Alvarez Saavedra

Dr. Zeke Alvarez Saaavedra is a scientist, educator and founder of miniPCR

In our conversation on September 18th, 2021, we talked to Zeke Alvarez Saavedra, co-founder of miniPCR bio. miniPCR is helping to make science education accessible to all. Zeke began his education in Argentina, not knowing his connections while there would impact his future career as an entrepreneur.

Zeke’s love of science began at a young age and transferring from Argentina for his undergrad career and completing his PhD at MIT, he worked for a small engineering company. It was there that he started working to create a smaller PCR machine that would eventually end up on the space station!

While his goal was not initially to start his own company, his passion for science was a constant throughout his life. Through miniPCR bio, he is helping to ignite that spark in students everywhere, regardless of location and access. miniPCRs can be found in the BioBuilder lab and labs across the country and allows students to observe the process to better learn. Zeke and his team continue to think of ways to push the boundaries of what is possible within the classroom setting.