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Teaching and Learning Synthetic Biology

BioBuilder provides the only formal curriculum that connects current questions in the field with modular, hands-on investigations that anyone can learn

What is synthetic biology?
There are many definitions, applications, and interested stakeholders. For a quick introduction, watch this short video that was produced for “Building With Biology,” a partnership funded by the National Science Foundation to BioBuilder and Boston’s Museum of Science. Then dive into the curricular offerings from BioBuilder!

Creative Commons License for BioBuilder Materials

The BioBuilder Educational Foundation aims to support teachers and students who want to use our curriculum in labs and classrooms around the world. To this end, we provide access to our curricular materials and resources under the Creative Commons Licensing agreement. You are hereby notified that, except where otherwise noted, our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Unported License. This license specifies that all users attribute the materials to BioBuilder and use them in non-commercial efforts.

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Should you be interested in using BioBuilder materials for fee-based activities, please contact us at There is a formal process through which we support such partnerships and work with programs and individuals who seek to use BioBuilder materials for a fee.


For Teachers

Find detailed activities and guidance on BioBuilder’s curriculum ⎯ designed for teachers to engage students as problem solvers in areas of emerging science


For Students

Explore ways you can use biology to solve today’s most pressing problems and bring your ideas to life


BioBuilder Online

An engaging opportunity for online bioengineering projects that will build social connection, teach real research skills and inspire ongoing interest in STEM