BioBuilder is excited to give you a sneak peek at BioTechBuilder, their brand-new curriculum being launched this year!

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BioTechBuilder is designed to connect students with skills-based training that leads to credentialing and direct entry into the bioeconomy workforce following high school graduation. The thorough, professional-level curriculum provides what they need to earn a recognizable certification upon graduation that speaks to their mastery of the fundamental knowledge and hands-on techniques used in biotechnology and synthetic biology.

The curriculum is presented in three modules

BTB_ Lab Skills

This module teaches students lab safety, math, lab techniques, and other fundamental skills needed to work in a laboratory environment.

sample Lab Skills lesson

This module uses a molecular framework to teach students the fundamental knowledge and techniques used in DNA and protein analysis.

Foundations samples

This module introduces students to industrial applications and professional practices of commercial biotechnology and synthetic biology companies.

I think a lot of the educational concepts and lab activities will be very helpful for students looking to get an entry level job in a bioproduction facility!

BioManufacturing Professionals and Curriculum Review Expert

BioTechBuilder can be delivered as a semester-long course that is taught in 45-minute lessons that include classroom and laboratory activities. Homework, quizzes, and lab practicals are also part of the curriculum.

The BioTechBuilder curriculum is intended to provide a “Biotech in a Box” option for schools that provides flexibility in implementation. For example, the three modules can be bundled to form a single pathway or delivered independently. Individual topics can similarly be bundled as desired.

BioTechBuilder materials will be readily available to schools nationwide thanks to BioBuilder’s established partnership with Carolina Biological Supply Company to provide the labs and related consumable materials. BioBuilder is also partnering with the Bioscience Core Skills Institute (BCSI), which will be the third-party testing and credentialing service for students who complete BioTechBuilder classes.

BioBuilder is committed to building a future-ready workforce and helping students prepare for purposeful, wealth-building careers in biotechnology and synthetic biology. BioTechBuilder is their latest step forward in that direction!

The U.S. National Security Commission on Emerging Biotechnology issued a press release this month on “Bioliteracy in Action across the U.S.” BioBuilder is thrilled to be recognized as one of the organizations that is helping to drive bioliteracy and expand access to biology education, tools, and resources for the public, students, and workers. Check it out!

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BioBuilder’s Dr. Natalie Kuldell helped make news this month when she responded to an opinion article in the Boston Globe titled, “Learning to love school: A blueprint for student engagement.” The article described a different learning approach piloted with an 8th-grade cohort. The approach included hands-on learning, deep learning of topics that have real-world relevance, community engagement, and more. The results were improved student attendance, engagement, and learning.

Dr. Kuldell responded with her opinion piece titled, “Let’s bring student engagement from blueprint to proving ground.” She described the similar positive outcomes from the BioBuilder approach and advocated for this type of learning to become the norm for K-12 education. She summarized it well by concluding, “If the work in the Salem Public Schools is to be a blueprint for student engagement, it should be possible to replicate. Let’s try.” Go Dr. Kuldell!

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