What a year! In 2022 BioBuilder began new ventures and saw exciting growth. Here’s an overview of some of the news you may have missed, with links to read more.

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2022: Back to in-person learning

It’s so good to see the students again!

In 2021, BioBuilder opened the doors to a new state-of-the-art teaching lab in Boston’s Seaport District, and, happily, the Learning Lab @ Ginkgo was a busy place in 2022. It was visited by more than 800 people in its first year including those attending professional development workshops, student programs, and community engagement events.

Here’s a peek at just a few of the year’s highlights:

Return of the High School Apprenticeship Challenge

Apprenticship grad

In January 2022, BioBuilder’s High School Apprenticeship Challenge returned to action after a pandemic hiatus. Yay! The Apprenticeship Challenge prepares low-income or recently immigrated high school students for paid summer internships in the life sciences. The class of 2022 included 15 high school students from 11 public schools, with 13 of the students completing the rigorous curriculum and obtaining paid summer internships. We couldn’t be more proud of these young scientists!

NEW: BIO101 workshops for industry professionals

BioBuilder began offering BIO101 workshops for science-adjacent professionals to help them better understand what their bioengineering colleagues do, and why. So far, more than 100 professionals have upskilled their knowledge thanks to the workshop’s interactive lectures, hands-on lab training, and biodesign challenges.

As one learner reflected, “Having the opportunity to go to BIO101 was an eye-opener for me on how engineering biology works and how the magic happens in the lab.”


Ginkgo July 2022 team in Lab

2022: Expanding BioBuilder's scope and reach

BioBuilder experienced a 20% increase in program participation in its 2021/2022 fiscal year, in both existing and new programs. And BioBuilder is growing globally – reaching 46 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, and 55 countries in its first decade. Woohoo!

Some notables in 2022….

BioBuilderClubs going strong

Taipei Team Green 2022

There were a least 192 students who formed 26 BioBuilderClub teams in eight states last year. The teams developed some amazing synthetic biology projects, which they presented in the Final Assembly in March of 2022.

And then 2022 issue of the BioTreks synthetic biology journal, was published in October. It contains 16 student-authored, peer-reviewed articles, and 14 of those articles are from BioBuilderClub teams.

Super kudos to our BBC teams!

NEW: Workforce Development Certificate for High School students

With funding from BioMADE, BioBuilder developed a new BioTechnology and BioManufacturing for High School Students certificate program. The program is based on BioBuilder’s Apprenticeship curriculum with modifications that further emphasize BioManufacturing career readiness. Worcester Public Schools in Massachusetts was one of the first schools to offer the certificate program.

They and BioBuilder are thrilled to provide students with the opportunity to graduate high school with credentials, college credit, and workplace experience.

2022: Teamwork in full display

As BioBuilder grows in scope and reach, so does its team of supporting partners, collaborators, and staff to help guide that growth.

Here’s a small window into BioBuilder’s hardworking team,  and the chance we’ve had to show them off this year…





Professionals like these provide BioBuilder with the help, expertise, and wisdom to continue being a positive impact on students, educators, and the bioeconomy.

2023 and beyond: A note from BioBuilder’s Executive Director

We will continue to identify, train, and nurture young innovators. We will continue to inspire students to learn and love life science and help them become groundbreaking leaders and thoughtful bio-citizens. We will continue to reach new regions where partnering with community leaders can shape and strengthen the local economy. And we will continue to make our comprehensive programs even more publicly accessible, knowing that BioBuilder’s educational model is essential to realize the promise of the DNA revolution.”

Natalie Kuldell, 2022 BioBuilder Impact Report

BioBuilder depends on philanthropic dollars to fund its endeavors. You can play an important role with a generous year-end gift that will support our work and expand our accessibility.

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  • $500 enrolls two educators in 2 weeks of BioBuilder professional development.
  • $1000 provides onboarding and professional development for a Student Ambassador.
  • $5000 provides enrollment and training for one additional student in our High School Apprenticeship Program.

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