Meet David Doyle

I didn't want high school biology to be so far behind life science research."

David Doyle
iGEM cross post

This month, we cross-post a conversation that Zeeshan had with David Doyle for the “iGEMers of the World” podcast. It’s a great case study for how BioBuilder + iGEM can be greater than the sum of their parts.

David brought BioBuilder to the Shanghai United International School (SUIS)  after reading about synthetic biology in George Church’s book, “Regenesis,” and he thought, “I could do that!”

David successfully lobbied his school’s administration to bring engineering into their teaching of biology, starting with BioBuilder. The SUIS BioBuilderClub gave teachers and students at the school a strong foundation in synthetic biology. It also provided an onramp to iGEM.

David and his students participated in their first iGEM Jamboree in 2017. And in 2018, the they won the award for Best Education & Public Engagement.

There are some real gems in this conversation, attesting to the power of a visionary educator empowered with synthetic biology.