A lot of concepts that were taught in 1st year college labs, I already knew because of my BioBuilder experience. ”

Geneva Fischer_headshot

Geneva Fischer, a rising sophomore at Northeastern University in Boston, has been part of the BioBuilder community since high school. As part of her work in the biotechnology program at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, she saw her classmates participate in the BioBuilderClub, joined an intensive workshop at the BioBuilder Learning Lab @LabCentral, and participated in the online Idea Accelerator during the COVID shut-down of in person classes.

Most recently she has worked as an intern in the BioBuilder Learning Lab @Ginkgo where she researched the strain instability of a biomanufacturing strain, improved the teaching protocols, and supported the wide array of students who came to the lab as workshop participants.

She credits BioBuilder for her advancing her skills and interests, putting her at ease in many advanced settings like college labs and lab-based teaching of others.

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