What did I like most about high school? It was definitely this club. It was definitely doing this research and doing these experiments. It made me realize that I wanted to go into research in some capacity when choosing my future career."

Yesenia Collins_headshot

Get ready to be inspired by our extraordinary guest, Yesenia Collins. A pivotal figure in her school’s BioBuilderClub, Yesenia takes us along on her captivating journey, from her initial introduction to synthetic biology to her innovative projects at Tyngsborough High School. Can you imagine the thrill of manipulating organisms to produce novel scents or even creating a world of vibrant microbial colors? Yesenia did just that in the Smell Lab and What a Colorful World Lab. Yet, it wasn’t all smooth sailing – grappling with complex concepts like PCR and understanding plasmids posed significant challenges. But with unrelenting determination, she not only persevered with her first project but also embraced an additional venture.

But what can this world of synthetic biology mean for career paths? For Yesenia, it’s everything! Our discussion uncovers the profound influence the BioBuilder program has had on her future aspirations. Driven to major in biochemistry and pursue a career in pharmaceutical research, Yesenia credits much of her ambition to the experiences and knowledge gained through BioBuilder. And as a student ambassador for the program, she’s not stopping there. Listen in as she shares her exciting plans for the upcoming year at Georgia Tech. So, buckle up and join us on this enlightening expedition through the world of synthetic biology, led by one of this field’s promising young talents.