Podcasts have become extraordinarily popular – how many podcasts do you subscribe to?  We hope BioBuilder is on that list because we also use podcasts to spread the message of synthetic biology, STEM education, the bioeconomy, and more. Check out the different ways we use this medium to engage listeners.

Sharing BioBuilder’s “Life-Changing Science” Podcast

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Listening to BioBuilder’s “Life-Changing Science” podcast is like getting a regular dose of inspiration…and just plain happiness! The podcast, hosted by synthetic biologist Zeeshan Siddiqui, explores BioBuilder’s impact on the students, educators, other professionals, and supporters who encounter BioBuilder in unique ways.

Zeeshan Siddiqui

Hosting the BioBuilder podcast has been a humbling honor. Witnessing these driven students—innovative, creative, mission-driven, and genuinely curious—use biotechnology to shape a brighter future has rekindled my own passion for learning and left me incredibly optimistic about the BioBuilder future leaders making an impact now."

Zeeshan Siddiqui

Season 4 of the BioBuilder podcast debuted last month with Zeeshan talking with Billy Carrier from Volunteer High School in Church Hill, Tennessee. Billy is a science teacher who has developed a new program called BioSTEM. It’s a revolutionary program that merges biology learning with hands-on skills training that students can use to jumpstart their professional development. It’s a great discussion you won’t want to miss!

Using SynBio as a tool for making the world a better place gets the students excited about the whole concept.”

Billy Carrier
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Hana Shinzawa

In the latest episode, Zeeshan talks with Hana Shinzawa, a young woman who was a 2023-2024 BioBuilderClub team member. While at the BioBuilderClub Final Assembly in March, Hana received word that she had been accepted into MIT! Hear about how BioBuilder helped inspire Hana and prepare her to pursue her futre in  science and its communication on Life Changing Science: Season 4 Episode 2. 

These are just the latest podcast guests on Life-Changing Science. Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are ready for you to enjoy with fascinating people and synbio stories!

Sharing Synthetic Biology with the (Podcast) World

Other podcasts are also playing a role in getting BioBuilder and synthetic biology to an even broader audience. BioBuilder’s founder and executive director, Dr. Natalie Kuldell, is well-known in the biotechnology and STEM education worlds. So it’s no surprise that she is often asked to be a guest on other podcasts.

As Dr. Kuldell explains, “I’ve been invited as a guest on a range of podcasts. Some of the hosts focus on readying the future workforce, and others want to talk about experiential learning or have questions about synthetic biology. BioBuilder’s model fits into all these conversations, and podcasts bring listeners with really different interests into our community.”

Natalie Kuldell

Here’s a roundup of some of the different podcasts featuring Dr. Kuldell.


The Futurized podcast is where the host and guests consider the societal impact of emerging technology such as AI, blockchain, IoT, life sciences, and others. They do so by “interviewing smart people with a soul: founders, authors, executives, and other thought leaders.” Intriguing isn’t it? Check out Dr. Kuldell’s episode on “Upskilling Youth for the 21st-century Bioeconomy.”

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The iGEMers of the World podcast is an online audio storytelling platform “for iGEM and by iGEM.” iGEM is a non-profit organization that focuses on educating the workforce and leaders of the synthetic biology industry. Season 1 Episode 9 of the podcast featured Dr. Kuldell for a discussion titled, “Great Teachers are Great Learners, BioBuilder and Community in the Classroom and Beyond.”

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The EBRC In Translation podcast brings conversations with leaders in the world of engineering biology to its listeners. Dr. Kuldell was a guest on the episode titled, “Engineering Biology in the Classroom,” where she and the hosts discussed her path to becoming a synthetic biology educator, the value of adding engineering to life sciences curricula, and the democratization of teaching tools.

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The Built with Biology podcast from SynBioBeta featured Dr. Kuldell in their third episode titled, How Can We Welcome Everyone to the Bioeconomy? Dr. Kuldell shared her insights on creating community, supporting women and underrepresented genders, and how we can inspire the next generation on their journey from classroom to founder.

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The Grow Everything podcast from Messaging Lab had Dr. Kuldell as a guest on a recent episode titled, “Getting Schooled with BioBuilder. The hosts asked Dr. Kuldell to share her expertise on how to inspire the next generation to love the life sciences, authentic research experiences that can spark interest in science and engineering, how high school graduates can be included in the bioprocessing industry without needing a PhD, and more.

Women in STEM

The Women in STEM podcast is dedicated to amplifying women’s voices in STEM and doing so by inviting diverse women speakers from all over the world to discuss a range of topics from career progression to motherhood. In the recent episode titled, STEM Education for our Future Workplace, Dr. Kuldell and the host discuss breaking down barriers to accessibility in under-served communities and fostering industry partnerships to spark innovations.

BioBuilder is happy to announce that InGenius Prep is offering free college coaching to one BioBuilder student annually. InGenius Prep has helped thousands of students gain admittance to their “dream college” by helping them prepare for and complete the rigorous application process.

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This year’s recipient is Vanessa Murati, a junior at Pioneer Charter School of Science II in Saugus, MA. Vanessa is currently part of the BioBuilder High School Apprenticeship Challenge and she is looking forward to completing a paid internship in the Boston area this summer.

Vanessa, whose parents immigrated to the U.S. from Albania, is a highly motivated, dedicated, and engaging young woman who is interested in studying biology and psychology at a college in the New England region. We are so happy for Vanessa and the expert assistance she will receive from InGenius Prep as she applies to college this year.

Many thanks to InGenius Prep for their generous support of our BioBuilder students!

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