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Synthetic Biology 24/7

Synthetic Biology 24/7 Nearly every hour of every day, synthetic biology is being conducted somewhere on planet Earth. The mix of research, manufacturing, and education

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HSAC is Back!

The High School Apprenticeship Challenge is Back! COVID forced a pause in 2020 and 2021 so BioBuilder is truly thrilled to embark on a new

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Happy Birthday to BioBuilder!

Happy Birthday to BioBuilder! Friday, November 5th was a joyful, fun day for BioBuilder as they celebrated their 10th anniversary! And what would a birthday

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Let there be (green) light!

Let there be (green) light! Carolina Biological Supply Company and BioBuilder team up again to provide a flexible, hands-on, lab kit that illuminates the vital

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Increasing access to STEM careers

Increasing Access to STEM Careers Students who are traditionally under-represented in STEM education include women, students of color, immigrants, and those from low-income families or

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BioBuilderClub and BioTreks

BioBuilder and BioTreks In our December 2020 post, we touched on the range of BioBuilder resources for students and teachers, including the BioBuilderClub program for

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Introduction to BioBuilder

Introduction to BioBuilder I’m so glad you’re here and are interested in learning what BioBuilder is and does. Allow me to take you on a

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